Dematerializing music since 2008

Music is an important part in my life.

Predatum was born out of necessity. Back in 2008, the size of my music library was such I could barely manage it. And yet it kept growing, each day faster.

Despite having my files well organized, it took a considerable time to check if a given release existed in my hard drive.

Most of the time I couldn't tell by the name of a band or a record if I've listened to it. Sometimes I could remember listening to a certain record, but did I like it? What was the genre? Ok, I could retrieve it and add it to my playlist. But, despite having my files well organized, it took too much time to check if a given release existed in my hard drive. Too many files, you know.

In the meanwhile my playlist queue was becoming huge also, requiring days or weeks to complete a whole rotation. Removing a record from the list raised a dilemma. If I drop this record from the playlist, would I ever listen to it again? Will it be forever forgotten? But, it couldn't stay there forever neither. There were a lot of new incoming records waiting to be added, always more.

So I was forced to use my always limited knowledge in programming to try to bring some sanity to my relationship with music. That's how predatum started.

Beware, predatum is not meant for everyone. It's not enough to love music. It is indispensable, but if you don't fulfil these requirements you're at the wrong place:

If you're still interested in trying predatum, you'll have to play your music in one of these players:

Questions? Interested in contributing to the project? Contact me!